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Hi! I’m Ali Betts, intuitive healing guide, life coach, author, yoga & meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. I am here to share realistic and easy to implement tips and insights to help you connect to your inner wisdom and truth in order to heal, love yourself, and your life.

This site is about you! It is all about supporting you on your journey. I ask you to stop hiding and to instead love and embrace all that you are.

It is my mission to help guide you on your healing journey back to yourself, your inner wisdom, and your purpose. You have all the answers you need inside of you, you might just need a little help finding them.  I believe that we all have the ability to fully heal, tap into our  intuition, and souls inner guidance.

I combine yogameditation, ancient spiritual practices, mindset work and energy healing in order to help facilitate your own unique healing path and create a life you love and truly want to live – not the one you think you should be living. 


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Beyond Survival

4 week 1:1 Coaching Program 


Week 1: Making The Commitment + Setting Intentions + Mindset Work

Week 2: Relationships with: Self, Family, Friends, & Work

Week 3: Dealing with Triggers + Developing Healthy Coping Skills + Self Care + Creating Practices & Rituals to Support Healing

Week 4: Reconnecting to Self + Body, Letting Go Ceremony, Forgiveness of Self + Others to Create Freedom

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