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We are  on a mission to help people become more intentional + aligned in their daily lives. We believe changing the world happens one person at a time. Our selection of carefully + thoughtfully curated products, experiences & services are designed to provide you with the tools to prioritize self-discovery, healing, introspection, growth, and transformation.

This journal is worded in a way that makes me actually want to journal! It’s not intimidating, and encourages to see the positivity in every situation and build up the discipline of honest dreaming and hope!

Many of these prompts have inspired deep change, despite all the inner work I’ve done before, I’ve been forced to reflect more honestly on my life and the life I actually want to live. It’s basically like having a coach at my beck and call! Will be using this journal over and over again!


My experience with Ali was amazing! I had been navigating through some stress related issues in my life and Ali was thoughtful enough to offer her service of energy healing to me. Since it was my first experience with this kind of wellness work, Ali was very clear in explaining the process which helped me feel more open to the idea of participating. I felt very relaxed and calm during my session & afterwards Ali made some recommendations based on what she had picked up from my energy. Her readings were spot on! A month or so later a few situations unfolded in my life that aligned with her feedback. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Ali & look forward to staying in touch both professionally & personally.🙏🏼✨💫


I love these meditations. I recently lost my dad and felt stuck in life. I felt guilty for not doing more. I blamed myself. I gave up on myself and my business. Didn’t feel like doing anything. These meditations helped me to align myself again. To let go of the hurt and accept it is part of life. I found myself comparing myself to everyone and saying why me. With these meditations, I let go of the hurt, pain, and comparisons more and more every day. Thank you for helping me let go of things I can’t control and to be unstuck in life. Every day I am progressing thanks to these meditations. ❤️