We are all given the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet some people feel like they never have enough time white others make the best of their time.

This is because the second group is intentional with their time. They make choices that are aligned with their vision and as a result their experiences are different.

If you are someone who is always feeling like there is never enough time in the day this is for you.

The more intentional you are with your time and the more you work to align your actions with your goals and vision for your life, this feeling will be a thing of the past.

Create a Vision For Your Life & Set Goals That are Aligned With Your Vision.

When you have a clear vision for your life, it is much easier to make choices that will help you make your vision a reality. With out a vision to guide how you spend your time, you end up spending time on things that do not help you create a life you love.

Once you have a vision for your life, you can then create goals that will help you make that vision a reality. Your vision and goals will serve as a road map, to help you decide how to best spend your time.

Before I created a vision for my life and had goals to support that vision. I was frustrated, I was unfulfilled, and I felt stuck. I knew that I wanted to do something more with my life but I was not sure how to go about figuring it out, and I really had no idea how to execute.

I knew there had to be a way so I started researching and trying out the things I was learning about. One of the things that resonated with me the most was vision and goal setting. This is when I really learned how to craft my vision for my life and how to create that vision by setting goals.

I went from working a soul sucking corporate job, having no time for the things I was most passionate about, and not having meaningful relationships, to working for myself, having time for my passions, connecting with lots of amazing people, and finding the love of my life.

So to say the least, I am a huge fan and proponent for creating a vision for your life and setting goals that are aligned with that vision. Helping others create a vision for their lives is one of my favorite things to do, because it is so powerful.


Put Yourself and Your Priorities First

When you are serious about getting intentional with your time and creating your life on your terms this is a must. It can be challenging at times especially if you are a people pleaser but I promise it is worth it.

I have seen it over and over. When my clients make this shift it becomes a major turning point where they really start to see the results they have wanted.

Create a Schedule

Map out your ideal day, then work off of that as inspiration for your actual schedule.

When you are creating your schedule take into account: your goals, what actions align and support those goals, how much time you want to devote to each, and how you will balance it all.

You should also take into account how much time you want to set aside for self-care, personal development, important relationships, and other core values you have.

Ask Yourself if its a Hell Yes

This is a great practice to do before you commit to adding something else to your calendar or are invited to something. It is especially helpful if you struggle with saying no.

When you ask yourself if something is a hell yes and only say yes to those things, you will automatically be more intentional with your time.

When I started this practice, my life became much more fulfilling and much more productive. Essentially I eliminated all of the filler that was not in alignment with my vision and core values. Doing this also created so much more time for self care, personal development, and spending time with my husband, friends, & family.

Do More That Fills You Up

So often we think that we do not have time for the things we love the most and the things that re-charge our batteries. Yet these are the things that we need to prioritize so that we can show up in our lives as our best selves.

When we invest time in ourselves it is always worth it.

If this seems particularly challenging for you, you need it even more!

Trust me, as a person who use to never take time for myself and who felt guilty every time I did.  Doing this will lead to you feeling better, being more inspired, and having more energy!

All which will get you closer to living a more intentional life. And will help you get closer to our vision for your life.

Communicate Clearly & Set Boundaries

Clear communication will help you to set boundaries at work & at home, allowing you to be more intentional with your time. When you are clear about what your needs and boundaries are then they will be respected.

As a recovering people pleaser, learning and working on clear communication and setting boundaries has given me back so much time, that was previously spent doing things that were not in alignment with my vision for my life. I felt like if anyone asked me to help them with something, go to lunch or dinner, see a movie, go to a party, etc I had to say yes.

I realized that I was not valuing my time and I was sabotaging myself with out knowing. These things were working against me and making it much harder for me to achieve my goals. If this is something that you struggle with I highly suggest working on setting boundaries and communicating them clearly. It will work wonders for getting more intentional with how you spend your days!