One of the top complaints clients come to me with about dating is that they are so tired of all the games people play. They are tired of wondering if the person they are dating likes them. They are sick of waiting three days to talk to them. Most of all, they are tired of playing guessing games.

Conventional dating advice tells us to be guarded, to be inauthentic, and to play endless games. Which in my experience leads to frustration, confusion and surface-level relationships. If any of this sounds familiar, I highly suggest trading in the dating games and conventional advice for authenticity and open communication.

Being authentic is so much better than playing games. when you play games with the people you date you are setting that relationship up for confusion, trust issues, and dysfunctional communication patterns, none of which will serve you in a long-term relationship.

I believe this is one of the reasons why so many relationships fail in the long term: because the conventional advice that is given and acted on does not help support the creation of healthy long-term relationships. Instead, it supports and encourages mistrust, jealousy, co-dependency, insecurity, being passive-aggressive, and manipulative, all of which work to break down healthy relationships instead of building them.

When you stop playing games and instead choose to be authentic, you change the foundation you are building your relationships on. Being authentic and having open communication supports and establishes trust, security, independence, honesty, openness, healthy boundaries, and being able to compromise, all of which are key parts of a healthy relationship.

I have seen so many people make this simple change and suddenly they meet their soulmate and are able to start building the relationship they have been dreaming of. This makes a huge difference because the foundation that the relationship is built on is solid.

Neither partner in the relationship has the experience of this partner being untrustworthy or inauthentic. Because of this so many problems that usually plague and poison relationships are simply not present. This not only makes the relationship much easier to maintain long-term but also makes it much more fun to be in.

For these reasons I hope you are convinced that it is time to ditch the games and conventional dating advice. I know that authenticity and open communication will help you create the relationship you so badly want.

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