Forgiveness is a beautiful gift we can give ourselves.

Forgiveness is a beautiful gift use give ourselves. It is an important part of any healing, spiritual, or personal growth journey. When we forgive another person or ourselves we allow ourselves to heal from within.

Holding on to painful past experiences keeps you from complete healing and it keeps you from living your life fully in the present. When you do not forgive it is as if you are walking around with a bunch of open wounds that are invisible.

People in your life will bump into your wounds reopening them bringing more pain and suffering. But this doesn’t have to be your reality if you don’t want it to be.

You have the power to forgive, to heal, and to see your past in a new light. By embracing forgiveness, you allow your wounds to fully heal. It is amazing how forgiveness can transform your life.

Growing up I was not part of the cool crowd. I didn’t have the right clothes; I wasn’t interested in things kids my age were interested in. I was teased and made fun of all the way through school. Even the girl who I thought was my best friend made fun of me when other people were around.

Because of these experiences, I closed myself off. I never really let anyone see who I truly was. I constantly beat myself up for not being good enough. As if it wasn’t bad enough having everyone else be mean to me.

Then when I was twenty-three and really decided and made the commitment to my healing and spiritual journey I realized how big the wounds were that I was carrying with me. I knew If I wanted to change my life I had to forgive.

I started by forgiving other people. Putting myself in their shoes and seeing things from their perspectives. Then I would look for what the experience had taught me and how it had played a role in who I had become. Next, I look for all the good that had come from the experiences. Going through this process made it easier to let go of the past and forgive.

I realized all those kids that were mean to me were somehow hurting themselves. Lots of them were just trying to fit in and be cool. Some of them were replaying past events that had happened to them. They were all kids trying to get by the best they knew how.

Because I didn’t have many friends growing up I learned to be happy being alone. I read tons of books I wrote in my journal and wrote poetry. I also learned how to cope with negativity and how to not take things personally.

As an adult, I can have compassion and help my clients work through their pasts and heal their own wounds. I can see that my past unfolded perfectly for my soul’s evolution. I am able to easily forgive people for their past transgressions against me. Forgiveness even allows me to be grateful to the kids who bullied me because they helped me become the person I am today.

All the kids, people, and experiences that hurt me and caused me pain have helped shape me. And the power of forgiveness has transformed my wounds into strengths.

The same transformation is available to you.

Start slow. Begin by working to forgive small things to give yourself practice. As you practice forgiving more and more you will get better at it and it will become easier. working your way from small to big will give you time to grow and build your belief in the power of forgiveness. That way when you get to the really big stuff you will be ready.

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