Does it feel like self care is out of reach? Are your social feeds full of lavish self care practices that cost a ton of money or take a ton of time? Just like so many things our society has found a way to make us feel like we need to spend money to take care of ourselves and feel good. well I am calling Bs on that!

Self care doesn’t have to be lavish or time consuming or expensive. It can be quick, simple, free, and just as beneficial and nourishing if not more so than things that are costly. These are some of the things that I enjoy and have found to be helpful for me. I encourage you to try them out and see if they work for you. I would also encourage you to have fun, explore, and try anything that you feel drawn to try.

Self being the first part of self care, it is important to discover what truly nourishes you and fills you up. Remember this is about you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or feels. It is your life and your practice and deep down you know what is best for you.

21 self care practices

1. Take a few deep breaths

Yes, this is self care, our breath is so powerful and taking a few deep breaths can totally shift our energy and mindset. I do this to help me with a quick reset whenever I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or am stuck in my head. It is also something I often have my coaching clients do when we are working though anything that brings up strong emotions and feelings. 

2. Listen to a podcast

There are so many incredible podcasts out there. You can find one on almost any topic you could imagine. Not to mention they are a great way to learn new things and be exposed to different perspectives. There are so many free places to listen to podcasts, spotify, apple podcast app, soundcloud, etc.

3. Put on your favorite music and have a dance party

Seriously, when was the last time you danced to your favorite jams? It is an excellent way to let go and be present in the moment and move your body. Not to mention it is a great way to lift your mood and simply have fun. I try to dance and connect to myself through movement at least a few times a week. 

4. Create a Vision Board

Pinterest is an amazing free tool where you can create a beautiful vision board for what you are wanting to create in your life. You can also use canva, there are tons of cool fonts and free pictures you can use, and if you can’t find the images you want there, simply do a quick search and save any photos you like, then add them to your canva account.

5. Go for a Walk or Hike

Our bodies are meant to move and being in nature has so many amazing benefits. Getting out and breathing fresh air can fill you up in more ways than one. Mindful movement is one of my favorite forms of self care. 

6. Journal & Reflect

Journaling is an excellent way to connect to yourself, let things go, clear your head, or simply let your creative juices flow. Journaling has been a huge part of my healing and recovery journey. It is one of my go to self care practices when I am overthinking things or feeling stuck. 

A great way to get started with journaling is to use prompts, if this is you,  you can get my free guide that has multiple journal prompts and other self care practices. If you are really wanting to dive into journaling I created a 90 day mindset journal that can help you look at and connect to yourself on a much deeper level.

7. Learn a New Skill

I don’t know about you but I love learning and learning new things has never been easier. Thank you youtube! Youtube pretty much has at least one video on anything you might want to learn. Other great learning platforms are udemy, skillshare, and lynda.

8. Collect or Write Affirmations

Affirmations are an amazing way to re-program the way we think and help us in building new supportive beliefs. I always encourage my clients to write and put up affirmations as part of their self love and self care practices.

9. Listen to a Guided Meditation

Meditation is one of my favorite self care practices and listening to guided meditations can be a great way to start meditating without feeling intimidated. You can download free self love meditations here. Also check out insight timer and they also have great free meditations. And if you want help on how to be consistent with meditation check out this post.

10. Move Your Body

There are tons of free ways to move your body from yoga classes to at home workouts to dance classes to pilates. You can find them on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, even on tik tok. Have fun with it, try out new types of movement that you have been interested in but haven’t tried before. The beauty of exploring and finding the right self care practices for you is that you get to try new things and in that process you will find things bring you joy and leave you feeling great!

11. Cook Yourself a Nourishing Meal 

Studies have found that cooking for Yourself is much better for you than eating out. You might even find that you really enjoy cooking for yourself. For the longest time I always made excuses not to cook for myself or just made really simple stuff that didn’t require much effort. Now that I have made a conscious effort to cook for myself I have found that I actually really enjoy it and I am also eating way more veggies. 

12. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise 

I know it’s simple and that is the beauty of it, self care doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Experiencing the beauty in nature is a great way to lift your spirits and feel a deeper connection to yourself, the planet. and to Source/God/The Universe. 

13. Find New Music or Playlist

There is something magical about discovering a new song, album or artist that you love. Be sure to add what you find to your favorites so you can enjoy it again and again. There are tons of amazing playlists on spotify that I love and listen to depending on my mood and what I am doing.

14. Declutter a Space in Your Home

One of my favorite feelings is having a clean, organized space. When my space is clean I can focus better, be more creative, and overall I just feel better. Start with a small space and work your way up to bigger projects so you don’t get overwhelmed.

15. Lay Outside and Watch the Clouds Go By

When was the last time you just relaxed outside and enjoyed doing nothing? Taking time to simply enjoy and just be in a culture that values busyness is so important. I have found that allowing myself time to unplug and just be is one of my favorite self care practices because it allows me to recharge. 

16. Make A Gratitude List

Expressing gratitude for the things in your life not only helps you to shift out of negativity but it also helps you attract more of that into your life. It is also a great practice to do any time you are feeling down or slipping into feeling like a victim. You can also incorporate gratitude into your daily practice.

17. Watch a Funny or Cute Video

When I have had a really tough day, one of the best ways to lift my spirits is to find cute animal videos or animals doing funny things. This helps me shift my focus from whatever had me feeling down to laughing and smiling at the cute animals.

18. Call a Friend

Sometimes we just need to talk to someone we trust about what we are going through or we want to celebrate or just simply connect. cultivating meaningful relationships greatly deepens our experiences and fulfillment in our lives and is a great way to care for ourselves.

19. Unfollow Accounts & People Who Make You Feel Bad About Yourself & Inspire Comparison

This is one of the best self care tools that can also greatly improve your mental health. Becoming aware of how the content you’re consuming on social media impacts the way you see yourself and your life is a step in the right direction when it comes to self love and self care. By unfollowing accounts that trigger comparison and negative feelings about yourself you are prioritizing your well being. Many of my clients report feeling better almost instantly after doing this as well as having a healthier relationship with social media as a whole.

20. Make Sure You Drink Enough Water

Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so making sure that we are drinking enough water is an excellent way to care for ourselves. I make sure to do this by having my very large water bottle with me at my desk while I work. I also take it with me whereever I go so that I don’t get dehydrated.

21. Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an incredible self care and self love practice. when we forgive ourselves and others we are lifting the weight off of ourselves of whatever it is we are forgiving. Studies have shown that forgiveness can have a positive impact on mental and physical health. If that isn’t self care i don’t know what is. I have experienced the many positive outcomes from forgiving both myself and others. As well as seeing it positively impact the lives of my clients. If you want to learn more you can read this post.


Remember that this is your self care, it is for you and you alone. Explore, have fun, and try new things in order to find the best self care practices for you. self care doesn’t have to be extravagant it can be simple. Let go of any preconceived ideas about what self care “should” be. The only thing self care “should” do is help you feel connected to yourself and leave you with a full Cup.

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