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 About Aligned Awakening

Sadly we live in a society where stress, anxiety, disconnection, overwhelm, and fear based thinking are the norm, we wish to help change this.

It is my Mission to help people connect back to themselves and help them to be self empowered. In order to create and cultivate lives they want to be living, not lives they think they “should” be living.

I do this through workshops, retreats, coaching programs, breath work and teaching the 8 limb practice of yoga.

Ali B.


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This program was designed to help support people in creating lasting change by bringing their lives into alignment with their core values, and the vision and goals they have for themselves & is totally free!

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It is my goal to support students in their journey to creating and cultivating a healthy lifestyle and mind-body-soul connection. The 8 limb practice is so much more than a physical practice, it is all about creating transformation.


Coaching is an amazing tool people utilize to create lasting and meaningful change in their lives when they feel they are stuck or simply can’t do it without support. I offer a number of different coaching programs.

Client Love . . .

Ali is incredible. She listens and understands. Our work together was specific to my trauma and self destructive behavior. It was very helpful in putting me on the path to recovery, healing, and change. I am very grateful for the work we did together. I would highly recommend working with her, she has a unique set of skills that are perfectly suited for this type of work.

Josh G.

This was SUCH a blessing for me. As a woman who owns two businesses, I have very little time to focus on yoga and my own wellbeing. Ali created the perfect program for me and she was an absolute doll to talk to and work with. I cannot recommend it enough. Each practice was exactly right for my needs. This is truly a groundbreaking way to have a yoga experience!

Caitlin F.

Working with Ali is amazing. Before I met Ali I was trying to shape and change myself into who I thought others would like, instead of just being myself. She cleared that up very easily and gave me, the most impactful advice I have ever gotten, which is that I need to own who I am. So I just started being myself and it was amazing! She really helped me get out of my own way. I highly recommend working with her.

Eric J